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TV-02 Long endurance and large load UAV

Outstanding performance comes from every detail

TV-02 adopts a hybrid power system and is military standard. It is a vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing UAV platform with universal mounting capabilities. It can carry different payloads to complete normal inspections, 2D/3D aerial mapping, special equipment transportation, etc. The platform is capable of fully autonomous flight.

8h Long Endurance

Max Payload 30KG

Hybrid Power System

Convenient Take-off and Landing

High Stability MTBF

Universal Platform Multiple Loads

Equipped with Missile Launchers

Target Tracking and Strike

Large payload

The long endurance and large load UAV system of our company features high automation, ease of use and high safety factor, which is mainly for the needs of international military trade users for the tasks of border patrol, anti-terrorism and stability maintenance, and targeted purge.

Product parameters

LB-275 power system
8 hours flight guarantee

Industry Application

Reconnaissance strike

Quickly access to enemy information, achieve high altitude attack on enemy targets in the battlefield

Defense of key areas

For patrol reconnaissance, identifiable break-in, stay and other incidents of military bases and other important strategic locations

Military emergency response

Respond to the emergency at any time to mobilize, search and rescue people, and restore communications

Border patrol

It can patrol the borderlines and coastlines and identify incidents such as intrusions and stopovers

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