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TM-03 Hand-throwing drone

Outstanding performance comes from every detail

TM-03 is an industrial-grade multi-rotor UAV system for battlefield reconnaissance applications, featuring high reliability, single-person operations, high-resolution video and tele-image transmission. It supports hand throwing takeoff, and the arm folding design is convenient for storage and transportation. The UAV load adopts modular design with standard visible video payload. In addition, it can also be easily replaced with low-light thermal infrared video payload. The all-weather video reconnaissance operation capability can meet diversified reconnaissance needs.

Folding storage

Ultralight weight

Product parameters

Multi-load adaptive design

Mounting visible and infrared camera to carry out ground reconnaissance

Hand throwing takeoff and landing

Adopt fast-expanding structure design, can realize the hand-throwing take-off function in the folded state

Flight modes such as remote control flight, autonomous route flight, tracking flight, automatic return/landing, etc. First view remote control, support tracking flight,  automatic return, command flight, real-time data backhaul and comprehensive display of the situation (location, speed, status, etc.). With power monitoring capability, it can detect the battery voltage in real time and record it to the flight data. Perfect fault protection measures for energy, positioning, communication, etc. to ensure flight safety. The data black box function provides encrypted storage of flight data of various dimensions.

Industry Application

Street combat

Military emergency response

Respond to the emergency at any time to mobilize, search and rescue people, and restore communications

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