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TS-01 Monster UAV


This suicide drone adopts the overall layout of delta wing, and the fuselage is cylindrical, which is convenient to install the load such as seeker and warhead; It adopts wing-body integrated design to reduce the resistance of the whole drone, with compact structure and is easy to carry; The wing + 3 fuel tanks on the fuselage design increases the fuel tank capacity and reduce the cross-sectional area of the fuselage at the same time, thus reducing the flight resistance of the drone. And its tail-thrust power design gives it high propeller efficiency.

Max Speed 250km/h

Max Flight Range 2000km

Warhead Weight 50kg

Advantages and Features

The endurance time is greatly increased, and the effective endurance is up to 8.5h when the load is 50kg. The structural design of the product effectively improves the cruising speed of the drone and reduces its size. It has high efficiency and low-cost. The vehicle-mounted catapult take-off mode makes it very flexible.

Product parameters

Industry Application

Suicide Attack

Targeted Strike

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