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Individual soldier UAV

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TF-01 is a product that integrates unmanned aerial vehicle and cruise missile. The patrol missile has the combined capability of battlefield situational awareness and precision guidance and strike, which can effectively and conveniently complete the closure of the kill chain of “discovery — strike — evaluation”. The TF-01 individual soldier patrol missile developed by ToV UAV company is convenient to use and has high cost-effectiveness ratio. It can also make up for the lack of individual soldier combat ability.

Cluster launch

Product parameters

Launching diagram

Equipping scheme

TF-01 is capable of cruising with a 2.5kg warhead for more than 30 minutes and is mainly used for ground combat. With a length of 1.1 meters, a diameter of 14 centimeters, and a weight of 10 kilograms, it is simple, portable, flexible, and easy to operate. It can attack targets up to 15 kilometers away, identify vehicles at a distance of 1 kilometer, identify human bodies at a distance of 360 meters, and effectively detect fighters behind bunkers or inside vehicles and strike from the air.

Industry Application

Targeted strike

Suicide strike

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