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TM-01 Large load multi-rotor UAV


This product is a hybrid six-axis multi-rotor model with integrated carbon fiber frame and built-in fuel tank. Hybrid multi-rotors have longer endurance and longer flight range than conventional multi-rotors, and the six-axis design also increases power redundancy and reduces the impact of accidents. It also has larger bomb load capacity and longer endurance.

Long Endurance

Max Payload 40kg

Hybrid Power System

Heavy Bomb Load

Single-Person Operation

High Integration

Combat Scenario

The large load multi-rotor UAV system of our company features high automation, ease of use and high safety factor, and is mainly oriented to the mission needs of international military trade users.

In the case of target size of person (0.5*1.8m) and vehicle (3*6m): infrared detection is about 1km, visible detection is about 500m.

Equipping scheme

Product parameters

Industry Application

Precise positioning

Border Patrol

Anti-Terrorism and Stability Maintenance

Targeted Purge

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